How Often Should You Steam Your Hair?

Steaming hair comes with many benefits whether you are using the best hair steamer or your favorite homemade steamer, the results are always the same but it is easy to control how long you stay in the steamer when using the steaming machine while no such control at home. How long and how often should you steam?

How Often Should You Steam Your Hair?

Steaming is generally recommended for all hair types and textures but it should not be done every day because exposing hair to heat for a long period of time is not advisable. If you have weak and damaged hair, you are steam your hair weekly or after every two weeks depending with how damaged your hair is. If you have perfectly strong and healthy hair then you should consider steaming at least once a month.

When using the hair steamer, again depending on texture and condition of the hair you should not be in the machine for more than 30 minutes. Steaming using the machine should always take between 15 and 30 minutes, maximum. When using your homemade steamer, you will need to have on the plastic bag for more than one hour depending on how fast your body is producing heat. Some people prefer having the bag on overnight for best results. Bottom line is that it is important to steam hair, so as to open up follicles and also promote hair growth. Before you steam your hair it is important to know the condition of your hair so that you can use appropriate and effective way when steaming.

When Should You Steam Hair?

Steaming is recommended for all hairs even if they are already healthy, but there are reasons that should push you to start steaming if you don’t always do it. The first one is hair breakage, if you comb your hair while styling and by the time you finish you find a handful of hair on the comb, then that’s your sign that you need to start steaming your hair at least weekly. Steaming will strengthen the hair and reduce the falling off of hair that is caused by effects of hair products.

How Often Should You Steam Your Hair?

There are harsh agents that are always found in some hair products, prolonged use of these products without steaming can be damaging to the hair. If you are a naturally curly hair person and notice that the curls are fading, you need to start steaming your hair so that you can give your curls a boost and new life. If your hair is healthy and just needs a boost of the curls, then you should steam at least once every two weeks for a start and then eventually start steaming once a month. Steaming is definitely a good and easy way to keep your curls in check.

Have a scalp that has prolonged residue from minerals

If you have a scalp that has prolonged residue from minerals found in hard water and chlorine found in swimming pools then you need to steam your hair so that you can thoroughly clean and clear your scalp and open up pores. The hot vapor from the steamer will help in loosening the residues in the hair and will clear out when the hair is washed after steaming, leaving the scalp clean and hydrated. If you have stunted growth of hair, even after applying leave-in treatments, then you need to steam your hair and start enjoying enhanced hair growth.

Steaming helps in deeply moisturizing hair which in turn improves hair growth since it will leave the hair hydrated and pores open a condition that creates a good atmosphere for hair growth. These results can be achieved whether you are using your homemade baggy method or if you opt to go for the hair steamer. Maintaining and managing good hair is therefore made easy since you can opt to use the modern way or use the traditional method.

How Often Should You Steam Your Hair?

Who should Avoid Steaming Hair?

There are people who should not be exposed to the steaming machines like the elderly. It is important to make sure that those who use the steaming machines are completely healthy and strong and can stand the heat. As much as they can also steam, their best option is to use the traditional methods. Traditional method will only rely on heat produced by the body and so the elderly will not be exposed to heat that can cause them problems. The good thing about traditional steaming is that one can continue with normal house activities and the baggy steamer bag does its job. This means that it will give flexibility to the user and will make them feel more relaxed since they don’t have to change environment so as to steam their hair.

The other people who should avoid steaming machines and even home steaming methods are the children who are known to have a sensitive scalp. Exposing a young one to the heat in the steaming machine should not be encouraged. Children should not use the rigorous cosmetics found in the market because their scalps are still fragile and sensitive. Children should not even be allowed to use the traditional steaming methods. It is therefore important to make sure that they are protected from the harsh hair products.

Have a steaming plan

It is important to have a steaming plan so that you can organize how often you need to steam your hair so that you can always keep healthy and vibrant looking hair. Steaming keeps your hair healthy and is good for all hair types and different hair textures, whether your hair has color or it is highlighted, steaming is good to maintain it as it is or make it even better. For those struggling with dandruffs, a few sessions of steaming will completely clear them off since it moisturizes and hydrates the scalp. Whatever your hair issues; steaming is a good way to start treating your problem.