How Often Should You Bathe a Newborn Baby?

When a baby is born it is covered with a more or less abundant layer of white fat that are called Vermix. It’s there for a reason. Without cleaning it, the next day it has almost completely disappeared, leaving only a few remains in the folds.

It is recommended not to bathe newborn babies in the first hours of life so that the vermix is ​​well absorbed by their skin and so that it adapts to the outside temperature. They usually bathe the next day, but without trying to remove the vermix that may remain in the folds.

The bath while the umbilical cord has not yet fallen

The umbilical cord comes off when it dries. It is evident that if you wet it frequently it will take longer to dry and that increases the chances that it will become infected and cause problems.

Therefore, as long as the umbilical cord does not fall, it is best to clean the baby trying to moisten the cord as little as possible. Therefore you should not immerse it in water.

If the cord is stained with poop it can be washed, but not be submerged in water, because that would soak it in water again making it difficult to fall.

How Often Should You Bathe a Newborn Baby?

There are several options

Under water falling

You drop water from the tap or shower at the appropriate temperature and make a quick bath (shower), drying the cord soon (do not be afraid to manipulate it, it does not hurt).

In the baby’s bathtub but with very little water. With a quantity of water that does not cover the cord, you wash the baby with the help of a sponge.

On a towel. Putting the baby on a towel, you superficially wash the baby with a damp sponge.

You don’t really have a major dirt grime to clean. He hasn’t been playing rugby in mud and unloading concrete bags.

The normal bath once the umbilical cord has fallen

A couple of days after the fall of the umbilical cord the baby can already bathe normally if the navel is dry. Sometimes the cord falls without the base drying properly. It is what called umbilical granuloma.

If the navel is dry, you can bathe in the bath with water that covers the navel without problems. From that moment on, bathing becomes another routine.

How Often Should You Bathe a Newborn Baby?

But you must understand that babies’ skin has some peculiarities

  • It is a skin that has been submerged in liquid for months (during the 9 months of pregnancy) and covered with fat (vermix). When it is born it must change to adapt to a much more aggressive environment (dry and with changes in temperature).
  • Begins to have contact with many new substances to which you do not know at first how to respond.

Preparing a good bath with a lot of foam for your children is one of the greatest pleasures that you can provide them when they are young, but you must be careful with choosing a gel that respects their delicate skin. Babies and children enjoy a lot in the water if everything is perfect: water temperature, there are a few toys and the bath gel is suitable.

How Often Should You Bathe a Newborn Baby?

What kind of bath gel to buy for babies in 2020?

The first is that it is safe and the second is that it makes a lot of foam. Choose the best body wash for baby.

Babies and kids don’t need a lot of gel and bubble baths, but it’s clear that parents are fascinated to see how little kids hallucinate with them, and it’s a good way for the child to love getting into the bathtub without making a big fuss. It is a fun time.

It is also not recommended that a baby of a few months be bathed in a lot of gel. You can leave this for slightly older children. At least they have to be able to sit and hold themselves in the bathroom (always with us).

It is really important to choose a good bath gel that does not irritate the baby’s skin, especially in those areas that are most sensitive, such as the genitals. A shampoo can be perfect for the hair, but it can irritate the boy or girl’s skin, so be careful with this.

Does a newborn need gel?

Newborns do not need gel to bathe, but when the child begins to move around the house or crawl in the park, many parents want to wash their child with some infant gel. The gel are chosen is totally safe even for newborns.

What makes a baby gel good?

Basically, it is safe for your health, and not only in the short term (irritations), but also for the rest of your life (possible effects of the chemical compounds present in the gel on the health of the child -as they affect his hormones-). The fewer chemical compounds or perfumes the gel has, the better. Children’s bodies are not fully formed and their organs are much more delicate.

The best baby shower gel for 2020 (dry skin): Weleda Calendula baby wash

A better known and equally good option than the previous one. Ideal for children and adults with very dry skin. It fully respects the sensitive skin of the baby and will be perfect for an adult with very sensitive skin. Serves from birth. It leaves the skin very soft and the hair really silky. Its smell is perfect and does not irritate. Do you hit It is a bit expensive.

The best bath gel for babies in 2020 (prevents itching and allergic reactions): Mustela Shampoo

Mustela? Yes, they have an excellent bath gel especially for children and that does not give allergies like other cheaper gels. Its price is somewhat high, but it lasts a long time and children are usually delighted with it.

The best bath gel and hypoallergenic shampoo for babies in 2020: ISDIN Nutraisdin Bath Gel-Shampoo

A hypoallergenic gel that has been dermatologically tested. The quantity is very good, it has a good smell and does not make too much foam, something perfect for bathing younger children.

The baby’s skin will be left with a very pleasant feeling of hydration and softness. Perfect for sensitive skin.

What about some soap or baby gel sold in supermarkets?

You can try Mercadona baby and children’s bath gel. It is quite cheap and works well, even if your child has atopic skin. The brand that makes the gel is Deliplus. Mercadona’s children’s line is quite good in general and its prices are very low.