About Me


About Me

I believe in the power of fashion and feminine beauty to shape culture, which led me to move to Manhattan and become an entrepreneur in media. I was on the founding team for women’s fashion and lifestyle publication, Verily Magazine. While at Verily, I served as the Relationships Editor, Public Relations Manager, and Contributing Editor, where I managed the nationwide launch event tour, social media events that reached between 200,000 and 7 million, and the media strategy with a special emphasis on digital activation.

I developed my passion for storytelling while managing Verily‘s digital and media marketing launch strategy, landing 180+ media mentions in approximately eight months while overseeing the exponential growth of the brand on social media channels.

I enjoyed being featured on SiriusXM Stars Channel, 2GB radio in Sydney Australia, The Sydney Telegraph, National Review Online, Weekly Standard, and Catholic News Agency. Writing is a way to share my voice with the world and I’m a regular contributor to the Huffington Post and Acculturated.

I earned my BA from the University of Dallas. Right now, I live and work in Manhattan where I am working on a book about beauty and women.